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General Terms & Conditions

The maintenance service is being offered on contract basis, the maintenance includes 52 visits per year, the contract is set to expire after 52 visits, or the time period, which ever is earlier. The left over visits cannot be carried forward to next term (unless the contract is more than a year)

For computer systems or machinery older than 3 years, additional fees of 25% would be charged.

In case of Hard Disk Failure, data recovery charge of Rs. 2500.00, this service is NOT included in the contract.

50% Payment should be paid upfront, from the day the contract is signed, the later 50% is to be paid after SIX months, or after 26 visits, which ever is earlier.

We do not provide, sell or rent pirated software, software cracks, or malware.

Kolkata Computers is a sub division of M/S Avow Labs, and hence all payments should be made in favor of Avow Labs, payable in Kolkata.

All support requests, should also be mailed to support@kolkatacomputers.com, to assure a prompt response and service.

Working Hours: 10.00 AM 8.00 PM, Monday Friday (Sat/Sun 11AM to 5PM, Limited).

Support can be provided on Sundays, public or national holidays, as per availability.

The cost of all replacement of parts and peripherals to be born by the contracting party, Kolkata Computers may supply hardware peripherals on advance payments.

AMC does not include free supply of printer ink or printer paper, or other stationery.

Illegitimate support calls may devoid the contract.

For AMC Without Parts

For Annual Maintenance Contract for computers, laptops, printers, scanners, photocopiers, servers, networking equipments, we do not repair or replace equipments, if any of the device gets damaged physically, repairing or replacing the said device does not comes into our services.

The business or concern may get the device replaced or repaired by themselves. Kolkata Computers will continue supporting the new / repaired device until the contract gets expired.

For AMC With Parts (Comprehensive)

Kolkata Computers assured a non stop working environment for organizations who has signed Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract with the organization, however, there are some limitations in the Comprehensive AMC:

No support for TFT Screen, Touch Screen Monitors - The TFT / Touch Screen technology is quite complex and its almost impossible for a person to repair such devices, these display devices are manufactured by robots and humans cannot repair the said devices. No support for Picture Tube for CRT Monitors.

No Support for Scanner Lens. If the lens gets damaged, the client will have to pay for the same. Kolkata Computers may provide a temporary scanner for a limited period of 30 days, depending on the availability of the scanner.

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