Kolkata Computers - Computer Maintenance Tips

Never turn off the power of your computer until Windows has completely shut down.

Attach a UPS to your computer, a UPS will help you to cust 80% of your costs spent on computer maintenance. An UPS is far superior to a surge protector and will save your computer from almost any type of power disaster.

Keep backups of your documents in a separate Disk or USB Drive (do not trust on Portable Hard Disk for your crucial backups).

Never unplug computer peripherals from the computer when it is powered up. Unplugging with the power on can short out the connector socket or the motherboard.

Do not install multiple software of a simmilar kind, like its worthless to install Microsoft Office, Star Office and Open Office on the same computer, while you are going to use Microsoft Office all the time.

Disable un wanted startup items, do not allow any programs to start automatically, which use internet connection (like voice chat or text chat software)

Install an Anti Virus, keep it updated with the new Virus Defination files, you can try avast, a free antivirus for home users.

If you are using a Broadband or high speed internet connection, enable Windows Firewall, and make sure your internet/wifi router has got a firewall option, always buy Linksys or Cisco routers.

Maintain the drivers of your computer peripherals, do not throw or give them away, its very hard to find drivers these days.

Always turn off your internet connection if you are not going to use it, it will save you some bandwidth and reduce the possibilities of hack attempt.

Keep your computer protected with password, do not use administrator account for daily activities, instead use a secondary account with limited previllege.

Enable power saving options for your computer, make sure you set the monitor to turn off after 5 minutes, it will help you to save power and monitor life will increase, do not trust Screen Savers, these were meant for monochrome monitors.

Always buy a TFT or LCD monitor instead of CRT, this will help you to reduce power cost, and your eyes wont feel much strains as compaired to CRT monitors.

Do not connect multiple devices on your computer, if you are not going to use your webcam, dettach it from your computer.

Do not open suspicious emails which contains attachments like power point show, executable files.

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